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Obungus’s I.D.’s and Late Teens

So I know we are all bored in the house, in the house bored but luckily, we got music to help us survive this quarantine. I've been working and listening, day in and day out for the best new stuff in music, so you don't have too. So this is my first pick of our fresh finds list, Yuma Arizona native band, Obungus.

As the band slogan goes “This is gonna be great” their debut album I.D.’s and Late Teens was just that. After listening to the 14 songs off the album, you'll be taken back to high school where you constantly think of your crush and just have fun with your friends. I promise, only the good memories of high school are felt throughout the album, well maybe unless your crush never gave you the time of day, something Obungus knows way too much about.

Some personal favorites include, New Banger, Felony, Come Stay Warm With Me and It's All the Same. If you got bit by the love bug this quarantine season, these are your go to songs to express your feelings to that special someone, so they can get the hint.

“You've got my affection

All of my attention

And my only intention

Is to ease all of your tension” -Come Stay Warm With Me

Yet my top #1 song is given to 7:37, with the catchy melody and beat, it got stuck in my head the minute I heard it. I strongly believe this song deserves more recognition, as it can be one of the strongest songs off the album, in every way.

“It's six minutes until I push snooze

Even in my dreams I lose

Cause I just can't find where you are

Cause you're not with me” -7:37

The combination of soft vocals and beats alongside relatable lyrics, you'll be singing on the top of your lungs in no time. If I could describe this band in one word, I wouldn't be able to, Obungus is not afraid to experiment with their sound, no two songs are similar. Yet if I would describe this band genre as alternative rock with a dash of pop. Overall, for their first big project at such a young age, Obungus has a bright future ahead of them. Make sure to check them out and stay tuned for more freshfinds to come during this quarantine.


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