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100 gecs Commands the Audience at Float Fest

In the sweltering heat that was home to Float Fest in Gonzales, Texas, the crowd waiting for 100 gecs to come on stage still found a way to entertain themselves. The classic game “keep it up” brought the cohort of music lovers together as they waited for the bleach blonde dynamic duo to begin their set.

After some technical difficulties delayed the start time of their 45-minute sunset set, Dylan Brady and Laura Les roped in the audience’s attention and commanded them to feel the electronic bass vibrate in their bones. Playing internet famous hyperpop hits like “stupid horse” and “money machine” captured the attention of the casual fan while showcasing new pop-punk guitar influenced single “mememe” and newest notch on their music belt, “Doritos & Fritos,” intrigued said casual fans to explore further into their discography.

As someone who had never listened to 100 gecs beyond 10 second internet clips before the festival, I was not expecting to enjoy the show as much as I did. Even though I had to leave the clutches of the fans that were pressing closer to the stage for a chance to touch the abstractness of the music through the electric airwaves, I think I’m beginning to understand the reason hyperpop has found popularity. Maybe it was Laura’s small banter between the songs, or elements of music that I recognize and enjoy revisioned in a way I had never thought, but hyperpop represents the best part about pop music: creativity. The creativity and imagination oozes through 100 gecs’ music and it’s evident in how every song sounds different but also kind of the same (but in an artistic way, like it's making a statement about something).

Although I can not say I will probably ever listen to them in my free time, I’m glad I got to see 100 gecs flaunt their Float Fest skills and make me feel the bass pulse in my skull (I’m still figuring out if I liked that or not.)


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