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100 Gecs Concert Has the Perfect Energy for a Short Setlist

Last Thursday, November 11th, the alternative scene packed into Emo's to see 100 Gecs perform. They brought out everything you would expect from one of the biggest groups in the hyper pop scene: wizards, catgirls, bananas, people recording on their 3DS's, the girls and the gays, and so much weird awkward Gen Z energy. It was perfect.

Underscores opened for the show and matched the vibe of 100 Gecs perfectly. It was just the artist with their mic and their computer getting the crowd hyped up for the main performance, and they did a fantastic job. Underscores music definitely fell under the same genre as 100 Gecs with hyperpop and glitchcore themes and was a sort of warm-up for the chaos that is 100 Gecs.

100 Gecs came on in their wizard outfits and banana hats; their set up, a computer, and two huge fake speakers, hilariously perfect. Their set was pretty short with only 13 songs in all, a lot of them barely over a minute; even so, the crowd's energy made up for the short setlist. About 1/3 of the songs they played were new songs, and they even played an acoustic rendition of gecgecgec, which was so random, but at a 100 Gecs concert, I feel like random is the theme. Sadly, there was no encore, so it felt like it was over so quickly. I wished I could have heard a couple more songs, but what they gave us was still incredible.

Overall, the concert was a really fun time. Even though it was much shorter than expected, the audience's energy, the opportunity to dress up and see other cool costumes, and the show itself was something unique that you don't get to experience at other concerts. The nature of 100 Gecs is that they are weird, and so are the fans. We all got to be weird together, and I think experiencing that was my favorite part of the night.


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