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Heaven Upside Down: Mason Review

Marylin Manson’s newest album was released October 6th. I would like to start off by saying that I am not a fan of Manson, but that being said, I was able to enjoy the album.

From beginning to end, the songs meshed well together, there were points that a song changed and I didn’t even notice until I looked at the title. The sound in general sounded like the rock from the 90’s that so many people appreciate. The second track “Tattooed in Reverse” along with a couple of others felt very danceable, the beat making me want to the bass and guitar.

Manson himself did a wonderful job with vocals. His unique voice made his singing screams not to harsh but just rough enough to know he was screaming. Many of the songs were repetitive and focused on the apocalypse. In the song, which is the album’s title track, “Heaven Upside down” it starts off with “ I can hear the screams of trumpets, smell the ash and sulfur.” It reminds me of how the apocalypse was written in the Bible in Revelations. My favorite song off the album though was “Kill4Me.” He’s basically asking his lover to kill for him in order to prove their love for him with lyrics saying “Would you kill, kill, kill for me?” Now even though I wouldn’t kill anyone for anybody, isn’t it a little romantic and polite that he asked?

I rate this album with a 4/5. Compared to previous albums, this was an interesting listen, and though I may never care to listen to it again, there’s no denying it was some good quality music.

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