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It's a Mania

On Jan. 19th, Fall Out Boy released their 7th album Mania. If you’ve been keeping up with the band, you’ll remember that they delayed the release because “it didn’t sound like Fall Out Boy.”

They open the album with Young and Menace, which was the first single released from Mania. With its time and temp changes, it is something to behold. The chorus is unique because its Patrick’s voice distorted. It has extremely high notes, which yes, I have tried singing, but they are just too high, and extremely low notes. It’s a good start to set the stage for the rest album.

The second song on the album, Champion, is probably my favorite. It’s just one of those songs that you can listen to in the mornings, or before a big game to get fired up and ready to kick some butt. Of all the songs on the album, at least to me, this is the most meaningful. The chorus “If I can live through this, I can do anything,” its pretty encouraging if you were going through a rough time and needed a pick-me-up.

Several tracks like Wilson and Heaven’s Gate, were pretty chill compared to the rest of the album, it allowed you to sit back and jut listen to Patrick’s voice and really get into the groove. Sunshine riptide was almost there, the regular verse was pretty chill, but once that chorus hit, it came with a faster drum beat, but still something you could groove and move easily to.

My second favorite track had to be Church. It starts off in ¾ and when going into the first verse it goes into 4/4, then during the instrumental part after the chorus, it goes back to ¾. And its just a constant change in time, which to me sounds pretty cool and gives the song a different type of feel.

They close out the with Bishop’s Knife Trick. I like this song because it gives the album a sense of finality, with lyrics like “These are the last blues we're ever gonna have.” It’s a bit on the slower side compared to the rest of their album is just a nice song to relax to.

Even though people have had mixed reviews about it, I can say with confidence that I really enjoy it, and yes, it is a bit different then everything they’ve released in the past, but with Fall Out Boy, is that really a surprise? This is a band that does something new every time they let out anything new. I give this song a 10 out of 10, and I will definitely be listening again.

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