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Get Free: Picturesque, Broadside and Silverstein

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

All pictures by Allegra Thomas

Last week, Alamo City Music Hall shook with the raw energy and throbbing sounds of Picturesque, Broadside, Tonight Alive, and Silverstein rolling through town on the Get Free Tour. Picturesque opened the show with lead singer Kyle Hollis’s screeching vocals and some wholehearted headbanging from the entire band. Afterwards, Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall captivated the crowd with her evocative voice, keeping the energy high and delivering a powerful performance. Silverstein took the stage next, and the audience exploded with excitement right from the opening riff of their first song. The band played a mix of older songs like “My Heroine” and newer songs like “Retrograde,” before closing their set and ending an unforgettable night with “The Afterglow.”

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