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Avenue Beat Showcases Their Ability in Their Debut Album

The girl group Avenue Beat released their debut album the debut farewell album earlier this month, after much anticipation following their viral TikTok songs “i don’t really like your boyfriend” and "F2020". The album features 12 songs and incorporates previously released singles and new songs as well. This indie pop trio, now a duo, hold their own in their debut album, showcasing their vocal and songwriting abilities.

Overall, I like how cohesive the album sounds. Each one of the songs sounds similar enough to be able to tell it’s all a part of the same project, but also different enough to emphasize the different talents this girl group holds. It takes the typical “bedroom pop” sound and makes it more energetic, creating music to listen to in your bedroom but also fun music to play in the car.

I have two favorites on the album, the first one is “rock in outer space”. With “rock in outer space”, Avenue Beat brings perspective back into the situation in the song by raising the point that at the end of the day, we’re just floating on a rock in outer space and sometimes the trivial things aren’t as big of a deal as we make them out to be.

My second favorite is “space for you”. This song is not a new concept, it is about telling someone that you have or will make space for them in your life, but the way that Avenue Beat sang it made it sound personal and carried a charisma that I think makes it special.

One of the things that I think is most unique about the album is that the majority of the album was made by Avenue Beat before one of the members decided to leave. However, the album was not sent out into the world after said member decided to leave. The album addresses this loss the band faced and allows the current duo to express the thoughts and feelings they couldn’t or wouldn’t say.

This allows the album to be more vulnerable, and show the true range of emotions of not only the band but what it feels like to be someone who loses a friend that they have had for a long time. Although we do not know the full story, I commend Avenue Beat for releasing the album when they felt it was finished, allowing themselves to put these difficult emotions into words.

For a debut album, Avenue Beat set the bar high for their future projects. They have demonstrated that they possess the ability to not only make a solid album, but to finish it in the face of hardship. In my opinion, that shows the true dedication this duo has to their craft and I cannot wait to see what successes they have in the future.

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