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Baby I'm The Wolf: On Ha Vay's New Album

By Ari Mikayla

A "Wolf in sheep’s clothing" refers to someone who deceives others with a gentle outward appearance to hide their true intentions. The San Francisco-based artist Ha Vay explores this concept in her new album, Baby I’m The Wolf, released on June 21. The title track’s lyrics, “You think you’ve caught a lamb / But baby, I’m the wolf,” are powerful, perfectly encapsulating the album's theme while revealing the hidden strength and raw emotions beneath a seemingly delicate exterior.

The album delves into the raw and primitive experiences of girlhood, exploring the essence of being more than what meets the eye. Ha Vay captures the wild and untamed spirit of youth and is unafraid of embracing her true nature. She revels in the freedom of having branches tangled in her wild hair, unconcerned if her skin splits open from a scratch. Her music is a celebration of the fierce and incorrigible aspects of femininity, a reminder that there is strength in vulnerability.

Ha Vay kicks off the album with “Ophelia,” a song about a girl who needs no one. The lyrics paint a picture of a divine, independent girl who “doesn’t need you”—a powerful opening that sets the tone for the entire album.

The tracks “Vampires” and “Nature’s Bride” explore themes of hypnotic transition and transformation. In “Vampires,” Ha Vay sings about the search for a “witch doctor” who will turn all the girls into vampires, symbolizing a desire for change and empowerment. “Nature’s Bride” describes a night where she becomes one with the landscape as its bride and, for that time, “nothing more.” These songs illustrate a mystical journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

In “Pretty Baby,” Ha Vay sings about an equally dysfunctional yet mysterious couple who meet each other in the middle. They’ve both met their match; they’re “a cataclysmic crash” that “can’t last.” Similarly, in “He Wants The Rain,” a man desires her at her craziest, knowing she’s a storm but still wanting the rain. These songs explore the intense and often destructive nature of love and desire.

Ha Vay’s strong vision extends beyond her music to her visual presentations. She produces a video for nearly every song on the album, each one a vivid portrayal of the themes explored in her music. In these dream-sequence-like videos, she is often seen running through fields in a sundress, embodying the free-spirited essence of her music. Additionally, a “Baby I’m the Wolf” movie is set to be released soon, promising to bring her powerful imagery and storytelling to life.

Through her music and visuals, Ha Vay invites listeners to embrace their true selves, to revel in their wildness, and to find strength in their vulnerabilities. Baby I’m The Wolf is a journey into the heart of what it means to be unapologetically oneself.

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