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Boy Pablo Utilizes Intimate Venue to Create Unique Experience

Boy Pablo was in town last week touring his new album Wachito Rico. He performed at Mohawk-Outdoor with A-Wall and Sofia Valdez as his openers. People were packed in everywhere trying to get the best view of the stage, and the energy was incredible. Sofia was a perfect first act for Boy Pablo as her music was very lyrical and feel good. A-Wall was a more confusing opener since he is more in the hip hop scene which is very different from Boy Pablo’s indie bedroom pop vibes. Even so, everyone was excited to hear Loverboy, which has gone viral on TikTok recently.

When Boy Pablo finally came on, the crowd was ready, and he started up with hey girl, one of the more popular songs from his album. Throughout the night he played a mix of songs from his new album and some of his other popular songs like Dance Baby! and Feeling Lonely from his first two EPs. Mohawk is a very intimate venue, so I felt that it was perfect for this kind of concert. His songs are very heartfelt, and it was like we were all just hanging out with Boy Pablo while he played us some of his songs. He gets his friends to play with him on tour since he writes and records all of his music, but you can tell that they are having a good time up there, which translated into the energy of the audience. One thing that was missing from the set was the animations that go along with his songs. There isn’t a screen for that type of set at Mohawk, but usually, he has some great graphics to add to the performance, but I think that was traded for the cozy and close setting of the venue.

He ended the night playing wachito rico and i <3 u, which was a perfect send-off into the rest of the week. Overall, Boy Pablo was a unique concert experience, and I could almost call it relaxing. Usually, concerts are fun and exciting, not relaxing, but I think Boy Pablo has a special relationship with his fans, and the venue was perfect; that all came together for a great night with Boy Pablo.


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