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COIN Shows Growth in Their New EP: Green Blue

Once again, COIN has released music that continues to showcase their ever-changing sound and catalogue of good music. On March 12th, COIN released their second EP in the rainbow mixtape, a series of EPs relating to various colors of the rainbow. This EP is titled Green Blue and it features four songs. The sound of this EP is more acoustic than the previous rainbow mixtape EP, Indigo Violet.

The first song on this EP is “Sprite.” I think it’s a perfect introduction and gives the listener a preview of what they can expect in the following three songs. After multiple listens to this EP, I have decided this is my favorite song. I think what sets this song apart is the flute that can be heard in the background. It makes the song sound more unique and adds an element not typically heard in indie or pop music.

“Sagittarius Superstar,” the second song on the EP, features artist Faye Webster and was the lead single on the EP. This song is also very good in the way that it’s a cute, happy, feel good song. One of the lyrics that stands out the most to me is Webster's introductory lyric “baby, you’re my baby and I don’t use that term that lightly.” I think that lyric describes the song in and of itself, a sweet sentiment.

The third song on this EP is “Turnaround.” After I listened to this EP for the first time, this song was my favorite, but as stated above, this has changed. However, that does not mean that I like this song any less. Like in “Sagittarius Superstar,” this song also shares a sweet sentiment with the narrator describing how he’s always changing but they’ll never turnaround on their partner. This song is slower and more acoustic. At this point in the EP, the songs begin to take on a slower, more acoustic or ballad sound. I think this demonstrates that COIN can make more upbeat music, but they also possess the ability to create an acoustic song that’s just as good.

The last song on this EP is called “Earth to God” and is essentially an open letter from the narrator to God. This song, although featuring multiple instruments, has the emotional weight of a ballad. The first time I heard this song, I liked it; however, it seems to grow on me the more I listen to it. I think that as I continue to listen to this EP, this song will continue to grow on me as one of their better songs.

One of my favorite things about this EP is the lyrics. The production and sound are good, but the lyrics in my opinion really set the EP apart. I think they show depth and vulnerability. I hope this will be seen in COIN’s future music. Overall, I really like the EP and I think that it shows the growth of the band and their ability to make music. This new music makes me not only appreciate their skill even more but makes me more excited to see their future catalogue as well.


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