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It's now October and we're still stuck in quarantine, so let me put you on one of my most recent finds -Giveon. His voice may sound very familiar if you've heard Drake's “Chicago Freestyle” and he has now released two EPs: ‘TAKE TIME’ and ‘When It’s All Said And Done’.

His latest project ‘When It’s All Said And Done’, released this past friday Oct. 2, gives us a quick taste of what he is capable of as a new breakout artist. He shows that he is definitely here to stay in the music industry in this sweet and short collection of four tracks.

In a matter of ten minutes and thirty seconds, Giveon was able to captivate audiences with his soothing beats, lyrics, and heavenly voice. I promise you, once you press play on this EP, you will be locked in, wanting more. Giveon finds a way to make his music seem like a conversation between his friends, himself or a complicated lover. This lets you fall straight into the story making you experience love, frustration, and healing with just a listen.

His songs remind one of a draining relationship that somehow keeps you coming back; maybe because of the history, the spark, or simply not wanting to be without them. Everyone around knows how damaging it is and encourages you to cut ties with this person, but you find yourself in the middle of deciding whether you should let go or hold a little tighter. Giveon is finally letting go by saying bye one more time in ‘When It’s All Said And Done’.

So when you find yourself in the middle, plug your headphones in and play this EP while you sip on some wine, remember the memories, and decide what will be left of you when it's all said and done.

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