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Jonas Brothers are Ripping at Girls Heartstrings Already

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

The Jonas brothers are back after officially breaking up almost six years ago in 2013.

They announced there reunion and then shortly after, fans received a song and an accompanying

music video. The new song, Sucker, is much like their 2013 songs; with a very pop-y, catchy

sound, and repetitive hook that really begs the listener to sing along.

Sucker has an extremely pop like sound and is repetitive, lyrical, fast paced and easy to

dance around too. It's not exactly a love song, but not exactly not a love song. It is more like a

tribute song to the women the Jonas brothers cherish most in there lives; there beautiful, way out

of their league, wives. Sucker is a great comeback song because it is easy going and not too

ambitious. The song is almost like a grown up version of Burnin Up which is from the widely

loved 2008 album, A Little Bit Longer. This song takes on those same ideas of Burnin up, of

tribute for someone that the band members adore, only Sucker is cleaner, and Burnin up had

more of an edge.

Joe Jonas, the lead singer, vocal style is different than it was six years ago; it is way less

raspy and throaty, and instead deeper and stronger. Nick Jonas also has a very different style of

singing; it's morphed into something more whispery and high. Kevin Jonas also has mastered his

guitar in the last six years and is taking on more complex instrumentals than their previous album

had. The two singers voices each work great on top of Kevin and Nicks refined guitar sound.

They each play off the strengths of each other and because of that Sucker is nothing short of pop


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