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Khalid's Growth in Sophomore Album Free Spirit

Texas Singer, Khalid has come a far way from his debut album American Teen, which was a great combination of low vibes and pop feels, hits like “Location” and “Young Dumb &Broke.” shaped a name for the 21 year old. Since then, Khalid seems to be on a mission to outshine himself and create music with no barriers in his sophomore album, Free Spirit.

Five singles and the Free Spirit Movie out prior to the release of this album, Khalid created much buzz and anticipation. Breaking down some barriers and becoming open about his relationships with others while also addressing his struggles with mental health. Khalid doesn't waste a second on this body of work to let everyone know what is on his mind.

In tracks such as “Intro” “Don't Pretend” and “Bluffin” Khalid finds himself in a in between relationship that seems to be coming to an end. He struggles with the idea of being alone and tries to stay in the relationship, but understands that he must put himself first now.

“Couldn’t have known it would ever be this hard. Ooh, we had it all, but we lost and that's our fault”

On the contrary, “Outta my Head” alongside John Mayer composes a catchy beat and describes having a strong crush. To have someone run though your mind and not knowing what to do about it.

“Love is in the atmosphere, you can feel it in the air/ Gettin' hazy and I just can't get you outta my head”

With his quick rise to frame, Khalid expresses in “ Bad luck” and “Hundred” how he feels like no one is genuinely there for him, feeling alone and misfortune with his attraction to the wrong people.

“People only love you when they're needing your wealth/ Damn, laying down, staring at my ceiling fan/ Everybody acting like they give a damn/ Where is everybody when you need a hand?”

Throughout the album Khalid addresses his struggles of feeling alone and trying to discover his worth. In “Self” Khalid addresses his anxiety head on and how it has taken a toll on his life. He admits that he tries hiding his feelings but it has become too hard to keep to himself. He realizes that taking care of himself needs to come first. This song showed growth in Khalid not only musically but as individual trying to discover their true self and feel okay.

“It's gettin' hard for me to breathe/ 'Cause the man that I've been runnin' from is inside of me/ I tell him keep it quiet/ So hardly does he speak/ 'Cause he wants to keep his distance/ But it's hard for him to leave/ He knows I hear him cryin'/ Cryin' out for help”

Khalid has proven that he is worth more than catchy beats and a raspy voice with Free Spirit. Overall this album, gives Khalid a new vibe and respect, if you weren't a fan before, listen to these 17 tracks and your opinions on the “Saturday Nights” singer/songwriter might change indefinitely.

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