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Marina 'Love + Fear' tour at ACL Live

Someone once said a pop singer is only as good as their backup singers, if that’s true then that’s proof that Marina (formerly Marina and the Diamonds) is one of the best pop queens out there. Up on stage with her were backup singers, representing multiple identities, who also served as back up dancers, giving us emotional contemporary dances as a complement to the songs. The backup added a certain element that elevated the show from a good show to a great show.

Marina brought a big production pop show to the small Moody theater and kept the energy up through the whole 90 minute set. The crowd really played into the energy of whatever Marina was giving out, jumping around and singing out loud, or waving lit up phones in the air during an emotional song and soaking it in.

True to her latest album, Marina played songs that encompassed Love, and songs that, especially when paired with the visual background effects, encompassed Fear. Her old songs from Family Jewels and Froot are just as much of a fun pop performance as ever, and her new songs To be Human and opener Handmade Heaven capture what Love + Fear is all about. She even brought out Georgia from opening band Broods to perform one of their songs together.

Overall the night showed not only how personable Marina is even when she’s a stage away, and how much of a real performer she is. Not every concert is memorable and makes you feel so in the moment that you can let loose, but Marina’s set definitely is one for the books.

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