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Remy Bond and Her Song of the Summer

By Ari Mikayla

Remy Bond's "Summer Song" has captured the hearts of Lana Del Rey fans everywhere, becoming an anthem for many. Even with only three songs on Spotify, Bond has impressively amassed over 162K monthly listeners as of July 8, 2024. Her fans, recognizable by their heartshaped sunglasses and prized Lana Del Rey vinyl collections, are a testament to her rising popularity.

"Summer Song" depicts a poignant summer romance, and its music video beautifully complements the ballad. The video features a montage of a loving couple, highlighting the story of a woman who leaves her fiancé at the altar for her summer lover. Scenes include Bond riding in a convertible, lounging by the pool, and bathing in a rosy tub. Bond’s ethereal singing against a glowing white backdrop captures the essence of the fleeting and bittersweet nature of summer love, with her plea for kindness from her lover adding a touch of vulnerability.

Remy Bond's image exudes old Hollywood glamor. Her signature look includes giant hibiscus flowers in her voluminous, roller-curled blonde hair and 60s-style playsuits. Her music, characterized by its nostalgic and dreamy quality, is perfect for listening in an open-roofed convertible or while lounging on a lawn with an iced Diet Coke and a cigarette.

Alongside "Summer Song," Bond's other tracks, "End of the World" and "Benzo Queen," further showcase her style and contribute to her growing fanbase. With new music on the horizon, Remy Bond promises to deliver more of her signature style.

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