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Tame Impala's Concert Showcases Great Music and Stage Design

Last Sunday, November 7th, Tame Impala gave an incredible performance at the Germania Insurance Amphitheater. He is on tour across the country with his Rushium show, featuring his latest album, The Slow Rush.

He started the show with a fake promotional video for the Rushium drug, which set the perfect mood for the rest of the night. I mean, of course Tame Impala, the classic stoner go to, was going to start his show with a trippy and psychedelic video of a lady talking about drugs. It's just what you would expect, and I knew it was going to be a good show when that video played.

They started with the first song on the album, One More Year, and ended with the last song on the album, One More Hour, and played hits along with songs from The Slow Rush for the show. Everyone lost it when Let It Happen, Borderline, and Feels Like We Only Go Backwards played, but the energy was amazing throughout the whole show. Also, Kermit the Frog made an appearance. During the first half of the show, someone threw Kermit on stage as a gift to Kevin Parker, and he sat on the amp next to Kevin for the rest of the show. The encore was by far their most famous song, The Less I Know The Better, and the stadium went wild as soon as we heard that first guitar riff. When the beat dropped, Kevin launched Kermit into the crowd, something I never knew I so deeply needed to experience.

The musical performance wasn't the only incredible thing about the show; the visual spectacle was just as much a part of it as the music was. They had about 50 lights on the stage that could change colors and move. They also had videos to go along with the music, lights they would project onto the crowd and the screen, and a huge ring above them with colorful lights that could move up and down. All of these put together made for a spectacular visual display. It was a light show just as much as it was a concert and would've made for a wonderful trip if you know what I mean.

Overall, the Tame Impala concert was an experience that I'll never forget. From the lights to the energy to Kermit the Frog to getting to hear some of my favorite songs performed live, this was a night to remember. I hope I can see them live again because I would get those tickets to that show again in a heartbeat and if you have the chance to see Tame, please do. It will be an unforgettable experience.


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