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Tegan And Sara Concert Review

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Walking into the Paramount Theater, I could feel the energy of the room. Everyone was bustling around looking for seats, with big smiles on their faces. I saw people waving at each other, couples embracing, friends laughing. Everyone was excited to see the twin duo Tegan and Sara and we waited anxiously for their arrival onto the stage.

This show was going to be a unique one, because not only was the audience getting acoustic songs, both old and new, we were also getting snippets of their new memoir High School that they had recently released. It was bound to be an exciting night.

I settled into my chair and smiled as they began to start the show. Their humor charm captivated the audience instantly. I was mesmerized by the feeling of comfort as if everyone in the room knew each other and were friends.

They read snippets of their memoir, switching back and forth between the two of them they told the stories of their childhood dilemmas and their struggle with growing up different. They also told stories of their run ins with drugs and how that brought them together in their teenage years, while also advising the audience that even though the drugs worked for them, it may not be the best choice when trying to mend a relationship. The last recurring theme was sexuality. They spoke about their struggles with growing up with feelings for the same gender and how those mixed feelings shaped a lot of the early music they wrote and how as they began getting more and more well known, it became something that they no longer had to be afraid of sharing.

Lastly they sang acoustic songs, both old and new. Tegan and Sara both switched between playing an instrument and doing vocals, The sound of their voices melded together at certain parts and everyone in the audience was transfixed on the duo. They sang old songs like Where Does the Good Go and new ones like Hey, I'm Just Like You. The songs were filled with emotion and were everything you could imagine, but more.

Tegan and Sara truly outdid themselves on this tour. The mix of music and reading from their book was a unique way of reentering themselves back into the music scene and something that I feel other artists will begin to duplicate,

Thank you Tegan and Sara for being the role models that every young girl needs.

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