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5 Seconds of Summer 'Meet You There' Tour in Sugar Land, TX

On Friday September 28, 5 Seconds of Summer made a stop in Sugar Land, TX for their headlining arena ‘Meet You There’ Tour. I can still feel the excitement that filled the room when the lights dimmed down as the intro to ‘Babylon’ began to play and the four members Michael, Calum, Luke and Ashton entered the stage. The crowd went wild as bassist Calum Hood took the floor and began to sing one of the fan-favorite songs off their latest album, ‘Youngblood.’ The night continued to rock away as the band performed high-energy songs like ‘Talk Fast’, ‘Moving Along’ and ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ while colorful flashing lights engulfed the stage and audience.

The highlight of the night for me came from ‘If Walls Could Talk’ which was already one of my favorites off of Youngblood. And, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it did! The band replaced the pop melody with loud guitars, heavy bass and fast drums that created a rock anthem that had the whole arena, including myself, jumping up and down. To slow things down and give the audience a break from so much dancing, the band opted to make everyone cry by singing five heartbreaking songs in a row! That’s right, I don’t know how anyone survived Amnesia, The Only Reason, Lie to Me, Ghost of You and Why Won’t You Love me back to back. I actually didn’t, this is my ghost writing this. Naturally, Valentine followed up, bringing back the groovy atmosphere that carried on for the rest of the night, making fans recollect themselves to sing and party along with the band. To close the night off with a bang, 5SOS played an encore featuring their classic 2014 hit ‘She Looks So Perfect’, and ending with their latest hit and leading single ‘Youngblood.’

The last time I saw 5SOS was in 2016 during their Sounds Live Feels Live Tour, but this concert was a fresh experience. Their stage production livelier and overall impeccably executed, and their vocals and live playing skills seem to have improved tremendously during their well-deserved break. The concert overall featured a good mix of new, old, and older songs so everyone in the room could sing along no matter how long you’d been a fan for. I was curious as to how 5SOS would execute their 2018 release ‘Youngblood’ live, given the fact that their last headlining tour and album, Sounds Good Feels Good, had strong rock roots and was very instrument heavy. I was not disappointed to say the least, Youngblood was an amazing, high quality studio album on its own, but I can confidently say it’s even better live! The energy 5SOS has on-stage is contagious; mix it with great live songs and you get an unforgettable experience! I recommend everyone reading this to give 5 Seconds of Summer a listen and to check out their set if you have the chance while their ‘Meet You There’ tour continues across the country.

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