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It’s Not As it Was Two Years Ago: "As It Was" Anniversary

By Michelle Thorpe

Happy second anniversary to the music video that started one of the best years for Harry Styles and his fans! “As it Was”, the first single off Style’s third studio album “Harry’s House”, was one of the most popular songs of 2022. The song is packed with emotion that is layered with pop beats. However, the music video, which was released on March 31st, 2022, displays the hidden sadness with cheery backgrounds, outfits, choreography, and acting. 

I was a senior in high school when the music video dropped. I remember rushing to the parking lot after school with my close friend, Paola, to get home as fast as possible to watch the video on my TV. Because a video with so much anticipation deserved to be seen on a screen much larger than my phone. Paola and I were amazed by Harry’s dancing, glittery outfits, and spinning table he chased a girl on. We had the video playing on repeat, looking for hidden easter eggs, analyzing Harry’s change of emotions through the different scenes, and falling more in love with the video each time. 

“As It Was” is about how things were not how they used to be– in a relationship, friendship, or a certain era of your life. “You know it’s not the same as it was,” and “I don’t want to talk about the way it was,” are two very strong lyrics that are repeated in the song. Of course, Styles wrote these lyrics intending to show how life is not as it used to be without the person you once called yours, and it can be sad to dwell on the fact. However, I like to believe that singing these lyrics can, also, be healing. It can show growth in an individual when looking back and realizing that life goes on, you move on, and it is all okay in the end. You don’t have to look back and dwell on the situation or person. Instead, you can have the closure that life is different now, and that knowledge is pleasing.

The 65th Annual Grammy Awards were not as it once was for Harry Styles. Instead of walking away with just an award or two, Styles won the entire night! Best Music Video (As It Was), Best Pop Solo Performance (As It Was), and Album of the Year (Harry’s House) were granted to Harry Styles for his outstanding year of producing an incredible album, performing to sold-out shows around the world, and for his success. I encourage you to watch Style’s music video, dance, and sing your heartbreak away, knowing that life will never be the same. And that, is so exciting!


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