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Don't Panic! over Lauren Sanderson's Latest EP

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

If you've been looking for new up and coming artists, Lauren Sanderson is your girl. Her journey to stardom began back in 2011 on YouTube singing her heart out in her bedroom. As she gained support, she released her debut EP, Center of Expression (2016) followed by Spaces (2017). 2018 has been a huge year of the motivational, open-minded, and talented 22 year-old singer; Lauren Sanderson as she signed her contract with Epic Records and released her debut EP Don't Panic!

Don't Panic! is made up of six upbeat and intense songs that will have you jamming out in your car, room, and shower ALL DAY (this EP was released back in August and its still in my daily music rotation). The masterpiece starts with a very aggressive start with “Shut em up” and “Differently” as she tells the world that nothing will get in the way of her success with high beats and soulful vocals. Throughout the songs you are able to feel every emotion that Sanderson portrays within each lyric. The sensation of anger, frustration, and passion rushes within you giving you the opportunity to experience everything Sanderson speaks of through her music.

Within the EP Sanderson makes sure to let everyone know that she isn't changing who she is because of where she is - Might be in LA but Indiana live in me, I’m on a new wave but I ain’t rolling differently, no I’m no cliche - and that is what makes one fall in love with her music, she is true and doesn't try to hide it for the fame.

“The Only One” was the first clear hit off the EP as her raspy vocals, a catchy tune combined with a “player attitude”, Sanderson blew it out of the water this one. Not only will you be loving the music video with around 110,000 views on YouTube, but I guarantee you won't be able to stop singing- You hit my phone , It go like la, la, la, la, la, you only call me for that na, na, na, na, na.

“Electric” is inspired by a reggae instrumental that works perfectly with her vocals, and not to mention the heavily relatable lyrics about troublesome love- You remind me of that fate that you feel in your chest, when the moment’s just right and it feel like a test, when fear tells you no but your heart tells you yes.

“Dont Panic!” ends on what seems like a note to Sandersons devoted fans on the last verse of

“In The Middle” where she admits that the road has been long with many twist and turns but vows to stay true no matter what- I’ll fight for who I was, and who I will be To become somebody greater, and at the same time Stay the same me, and I still don’t give a f*ck ‘bout what they say to me

If this EP doesn't inspire you, I'm not sure what will. As for me, I'll be anticipating more from Lauren Sanderson, this deal with Epic is only the beginning and I cannot wait to see where her creativity takes her next.

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