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"You Won't Get What You Want" by Daughters

“You Won’t Get What You Want" is the 4th studio album from American grind-house band Daughters. This is the first album from the band after their breakup in 2010 and subsequent reunion in 2013, and it doesn’t disappoint.

The album combines psychedelic rhythms with concentrated riffs and a collage of synths and bizarre sounds to make for an eclectic record. Vocalist Alexis Marshall delivers his philosophical, repetitive lyrics through a mixture of spoken word and yelling as it suits the intensity of the instrumental.

Opening with the track “City Song,” Marshall paints a gloomy picture of an empty world over rumbling drums. As the song builds, Marshall’s performance becomes ever more dilapidated and loose with random screams and moans typical of the record.

The first single off the album “Satan in the Wait” features an incremental progression led by glittering guitars and hollow drums. Crashing symbols inflate and decay adding to the atmosphere, giving the song a ghostly vibe.

This is followed by the shortest and fastest song “The Flammable Man.” Its chaotic and loud with various different layers of sliding strings adding tension until all sound spontaneously drops out of the song--suspending listeners in silence.

My favorite track “Less Sex” is the softest on the record with the majority of the track held up by a simple bass drum and simple lyrics of letting into your heart the thing that will take you down. The chorus floods the track transforming the basic rhythm into a gorgeous chord of psychedelic guitars: a stand-out moment on the record.

“You Won’t Get What You Want” is a terrific, experimental rock album. The collection of sounds and hypnotic instrumentals consumed me throughout the listen. And the pure aggression of songs like “The Lords Song” and “Guest House” leaps Daughters far ahead of their contemporaries. I give Daughters “You Won’t Get What You Want” a 9/10.

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