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Doja Cat Switches Up Style on New Single “Attention”

Doja Cat diverges from her typical sound on her newest single, “Attention,” a dark, hazy song with an equally shadowy music video.

Doja’s second and third studio albums – Hot Pink and Planet Her – flaunt her wide-ranging and ever-changing sound, from captivating the listener with reggae rhythms on “Woman” to demonstrating Doja’s powerful vocals on “Been Like This.” Throughout both albums, her sound fluctuates, traversing the pop landscape, but remains soaked with Doja’s signature style: playful melodies, sporadic rhythms, and campy vocals that feel more dynamic with each listen.

Typically, Doja’s songs are structured as mostly sung, with one verse to showcase her eclectic rapping style (see: “Woman” verse 2). “Attention,” however, expands upon the rap-heavy styles of “Imagine” and “Get Into It (Yuh),” as Doja flips her typical structure, scattering dreamy vocals between two full verses of rapping. The single calls to mind the moody sound of “Addiction” and “Streets,” but differentiates itself with harp glissandos twirling above Doja’s vocals. While a deep and warm bassline holds throughout the song, the harp fosters a magical feeling and complements Doja’s eerie, drawn-out vocals.

Singing, “Baby if you like it / Just reach out and pet it / This one doesn’t bite / It doesn’t get depressive,” Doja comments on the observational nature of celebrity and the criticism she receives for defending herself. Colorful and distorted visuals appear in the flash of a camera bulb and through a pool of water, emphasizing the dreaminess and vulnerability of fame and the public eye.

“Attention” is the first single of Doja’s upcoming album, which remains unannounced, but is slated for a 2023 release.


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