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Dr. JOE's New EP is Perfect for a Coming of Age Film

If you are looking for a perfect EP that feels like it belongs in a coming of age movie that takes place in the late 60s/70s, then native Austinite Dr. JOE’s new EP Glad You Called is the perfect EP. This EP sports 5 songs and was released earlier this month. A couple of the songs have already been released as singles, but the EP features some new, never before heard songs.

Glad You Called switches between songs that are reminiscent of late the 60s and 70s like the title track Glad You Called and more rock influenced songs like Tell Your Mother. Even though there are two prominent sounds throughout the EP, the two styles blend well together, creating a well rounded sound. The two different styles demonstrate Dr. JOE’s musical range and gives a peek into what you might be able to expect from him in future music.

Although tracks like Tell Your Mother and Believer stand out as good songs in their own right, my personal favorites are Glad You Called and Good Days. These songs incorporate new and old sounds and are simply feel good songs that are good to add to any roadtrip playlist to help you feel like you’re in a coming of age movie. These songs particularly stood out to me because I feel like they have a timeless sound that makes it hard to determine what year it came out. I personally think that is the mark of a well written and produced song.

Dr. JOE’s talent is clearly showcased in this EP, and his growing Spotify streams back that up. I found the EP refreshing to listen to, breaking up my playlists that I’ve overplayed and study music. I will definitely be listening to the EP again, even though it is only five songs, it is a nice escape into the musical world of Dr. JOE.

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